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Your trusted family business

More convenient than ever

Insta-Express has always been a family business. We’ve served customers in our community for 100 years, and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Over the last century, our products have evolved as technology does, but at heart, we’re the same company we were when we began as a simple home store in Trinidad. From the beginning, our goal was to provide our community with household essentials and decor of the best quality and for affordable prices.

To better serve our community, we’ve decided to go digital. We aim to make shopping for everyday essentials and your favourite household brands even more convenient for all of our customers, old and new. Our in-house delivery service means fast and reliable delivery of the goods you purchase online.

We also have our own personal brand, with items that we custom manufacture and perfect, including unique furniture and home furnishings. Each of these products goes through stringent quality control processes, resulting in much higher success rates than with generic products. This also means that we have the freedom to craft anything that our customers need, without restrictions.


We are a family-run business that strives to improve the lives of our community members by providing affordable, quality household essentials as your trusted home supply store. We partner with the more well-known brands around the world to bring the best products straight to you. We also make bespoke products for customers to fit their unique needs.


We want to improve lives around the Caribbean with a convenient and reliable way to purchase affordable and quality household essentials.


  • Putting people first: We will always prioritise the needs of our customers.
  • Family-run and owned: Unlike large corporations, we can tailor our products to the needs of our community.
  • Putting people first: We will always prioritise the needs of our customers.
  • Integrity: We run our company according to a strong moral code. We will never sacrifice quality or service for financial gain.
  • Quality: Our products go through a strict quality control assessment, ensuring our customers always get the best.
  • Convenience and accessibility: By putting our shop online and delivering straight to the customer, we make sure everyone can get the products they need on time.