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1.1. Insta express’s role is that of an intermediary in the form of an online marketplace and is limited to managing the website to enable supplier to exhibit, advertise, display, make available and offer to sell the products and to enable customer to purchase the products so offered, and other incidental services to facilitate the transactions between suppliers and the customers. Accordingly, the contract for sale of any of the products shall be a bipartite contract between supplier and the customer. At no time shall insta express have any obligations or liabilities in respect of such contract nor shall insta express hold any title in the products. The title in the products and other rights and interest in the products shall directly pass to the customer from the supplier.

1.2. The vendor agreement shall not function to amend or modify any agreements, contracts, terms or policies between the customer or supplier on one hand and insta express on the other hand.

1.3. Insta express does not control, endorse or accept responsibility for any product (including but not limited to product catalogues) offered by suppliers accessible through the website or any linked sites. Insta express makes no representations or warranties whatsoever about, and shall not be liable for, the supplier or any such third parties, their products including representations relating to merchantability, fitness of a product or service for a particular purpose, and non-infringement of third-party intellectual property rights. Any transactions that customer may have with such third parties are at customer's own risk. The products shall be subject to supplier's terms and conditions for warranty, service and maintenance, and insta express does not accept any responsibility for the same. Insta express also does not accept any responsibility for the usage of the products by the customer.

1.4. Insta express specifically disclaims any liability with regard to any illegal, infringing, fake, duplicate, spurious, defective or counterfeit, refurbished, expired products purchased by customer from the supplier and insta express shall not assume any liability if the product purchased or availed by customer from the supplier is not exactly as per specifications detailed in the purchase confirmation order.

1.5. Insta express is in no way responsible or liable for the offer for sale or sale of the product by the supplier to the customer, its delivery, the warranty terms (if any) related to the product and the return, refund or cancellation of purchase of any products.

1.6. Insta express does not warrant that the sale price provided by the supplier of the product is accurate, proper and valid. Any error in the sale price shall be solely attributed to the supplier and not to insta express. Prices, product description and availability of the product are supplier's responsibility.

1.7. Customer expressly acknowledges that the supplier selling the defective product will be responsible to customer for any claims that customer may have in relation to such defective product and insta express shall not in any manner be held liable for the same.

1.8. Insta express shall not assume any liability for the non-availability of the product, delivery of the product directly by the supplier and the installation of the product where required.